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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fantasy Lady takes FUN Parties to a new level

Fantasy Lady expands into helping women discover their goddess within...

Ann Sanders, the president of Fantasy Lady, the New Orleans-based company that has over 2,000 distributors selling products at in-home parties, has discovered the trick to enhancing couples' relationships, with her knowledge and products. It's taken Sanders more than 15 years to get her views on sexuality into the public arena.

As a single mom in the early 1980s, Sanders had no choice but to find a way to supplement her income and chose to begin her venture of helping women. After being a top sales representative for a now-defunct adult toy company in 1983, Sanders knew just "selling toys" wasn't her dream. She wanted to promote her philosophy and show other women how to teach it as well.
In 1993, Sanders founded Fantasy Lady, Inc.- after the first company she worked for folded. Her 50+ female consultants sold only to women because Sanders wanted to provide a safe, comfortable environment for her customers that differed from bookstores that were geared to mostly men."We provide a forum of information and a product line to empower the feminine spirit. Our goal is to assist women on their road to self-discovery, acceptance, self-confidence."Sanders states.
Through Sanders' experience as a pharmaceutical technician and her avid reading habits, she has helped to teach women across the nation about healthy sexuality and the use of her products to help those with sexual dysfunctions. This approach, Sanders says, separates Fantasy Lady from our competitors, and allows our customers the full benefit of their purchases. "Our primary focus is to enlighten our clients and communicate honestly, while creating intimacy in their relationships."
Fantasy Lady products can be found online at, or can be purchased through a Fantasy Lady Representative world-wide.

The Fantasy Lady Romance Specialist is an independent, knowledgable and trustworthy woman that is strong in her beliefs and work habits. She provides women with a chance to be secure their sexuality, while making money at fun parties and selling her products. Our business opportunity allows women world-wide to have a growing future as an independent business owner. Visit our website for more information on our unique opportunity. 1-800-844-3268